Respite Apartment Services

Respite Apartment Services provide support to clients  24 hours per day, seven days a week in the Respite Apartment located at the Park Drive Villa in Williamsburg. Services include assistance with personal care, assistance with pre-measured medications, laundry, shopping, and 24hr emergency response. Each client will have their own bedroom and be provided with meals during their stay.  There are two bedrooms in the Respite Apartment and the two clients will share a wheelchair accessible bathroom and living area. Clients will have use of the common rooms at Park Drive Villa and have access to activities at J.W. MacIntosh Community Support Services attached to the Park Drive Villa.

The Respite Apartment is available to any senior living in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network who requires a convalescent period after a hospital stay, or whose caregiver may require a break from care-giving responsibilities or wish to go on a vacation. Any senior applying for Respite Apartment Services will be assessed by the Supervisor at J.W. MacIntosh Community Support Services to ensure they meet eligibility criteria and that the service can meet their individual needs. Any senior admitted to the Respite Apartment Services should be able to direct their own care, respond appropriately to any emergency situation, and transfer with minimal assistance. We encourage people to book well in advance if specific dates for admission are requested.